Take control of your plant and optimise it before it is built. Competition and economic pressures are forcing our clients to deliver projects of superior quality with optimised risk management in less time. This is the era of the virtual world and simulation is a powerful tool that brings the goal closer to reality than ever before.

Our clients realise the benefits of simulation in various phases of their projects:

  • Simulation in Design and Development
    • Ensure that design meets requirements
    • Compare and optimise different designs
    • Develop, optimise and test best control strategy
  • Simulation in Development and Construction
    • Connection of simulation engine to control system
    • Thin Slice Testing and validation of Functional Design core concepts
    • Comprehensive FAT validation
  • Simulation in Commissioning
    • Save time and resources
    • Offline test of control system and process changes
    • Increase safety and protect equipment
    • Parameterise the control system before commissioning
  • Simulation in Operation and Maintenance
    • Derivate manuals & maintenance schedules
    • Operator training
    • Increase Safety by simulating different scenarios and emergency cases
  • Simulation for Continuous Improvement
    • Process optimisation
    • Minimise costs
    • Lower energy consumption
    • Reduce carbon foot print
    • Reduce maintenance costs

The key critical aspect to the delivery of successful simulation is the ability to perform quality and comprehensive engineering analysis. PlantWeave effectively applies the laws of physics to bring to our clients accurate simulations reflecting the behaviour of their processes. Our core competencies to deliver this include:

  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Mechanical Dynamics
  • Chemical reactions and processes

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