Energy Optimisation

We provide solutions that enable our customers to execute their operational improvement strategies for energy optimisation, with the aim of reducing costs and environmental impacts. There is great opportunity for businesses to achieve tangible results that deliver real business benefits.

Our Energy Optimisation expertise encompasses the following:

  • Energy Audits
  • Business Orientated System Design
  • Energy Monitoring & Control Systems
  • High Speed Monitoring Systems
  • Energy Monitoring Hardware Supply
  • Training

PlantWeave Technologies designs solutions that accurately measure your energy consumption and efficiency to put the control in your hands. We do this in line with the following key methodology:

  • MEASURE your consumption
  • ANALYSE your data
  • DEFINE your energy optimisation initiative
  • SIMULATE your operation and TEST against business objectives
  • IMPLEMENT your solution
  • MONITOR against your business objectives
  • IMPROVE your business performance

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